Monday, October 21, 2013

Dawn Treader Review

A short while back I got a message from the people behind the Dawn Treader Review podcast asking me to review their podcast. I have said before I won't pull any punches, so I chose the latest episode, The Bermuda Triangle: Vortex of Vanishing Forms and prepared to hear the usual chat show format. I was disappointed. It wasn't the usual format at all, in fact it was nothing short of a revelation.

What we have is an innovative, magazine format show, which is well produced, with really cool sound effects and music. This podcast is nothing short of audio art. I expected the "blog talk radio" style husband and wife chat. This is nothing of the sort, it is an audio treat.

If I am being completely honest I found it difficult to grasp what I was listening to for the first few minutes, but once I understood, once I got the concept, it was easy listening. Imagine snippets of the best parts of other podcasts and interviews, set to music with sound effects. There really is nothing like this podcast.

At times the sound effects can be a little distracting, or a little overdone, but on the whole it works, and really well too. It probably won't be to everyone's taste, but it is fun to listen to, and that's something that takes hard work. Other podcasts rely on the chemistry between the presenters, or on trying to recreate a lively studio atmosphere. This podcast uses a garden of sound and invites you for a walk through it.

The effort that has gone into the recording is obvious. Rundgrens vocals echo on "Born to Synthesize" - the opening track - and throughout the show we hear the same echo applied in appropriate places to the interviewees. Little touches like this make for a cohesive and wholly engrossing experience.

The show is wonderful entertainment, but if you are expecting in depth interviews and probing questions then you will be disappointed. It is what it says it is, a review of other podcasts - although remix is probably a more appropriate term.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the full 26 mins and 32 seconds, I would recommend it without reservation, and will be listening to the archived episodes for the next week.

It's an easy 10/10 for innovation, entertainment and being unique.

Well done to Michael and Seraphina

The podcast is at Podbean