Thursday, October 10, 2013

Season 8 Premiere Binnall of America

On the 3rd of October Tim Binnall kicked off season 8 of his highly successful podcast. The guest on this occasion was Jim Marrs, invited to discuss his new book titled "Our Occulted History". The full show is a rather lengthy 1 hour and 56 minutes. Recently Binnall has changed the way the show is produced. In the past the time between episodes being released was often inconsistent, and led to a few "on-air" apologies. Now future shows will be broadcast Live. That was a gutsy decision by a committed podcaster. The things that could go wrong are endless. However this show is pre-recorded and Jim Marrs is a returning guest.

So did it work?

 After the introduction Binnall does what he does best. He treats every guest like a firework, he just lights the fuse with a simple question and lets them go off. This is Binnalls style, and very much a strong point of the show. His guests all have one thing in common, they all have something to say and unlike some other talk show hosts Binnall lets them.

Jim Marrs is a well known and recognisable figure who is a polished speaker. The first thing Marrs is keen to get across is that the word Occulted in the book title means hidden. Having established that he discusses the premise that aliens have visited the earth in the past and that proof of this is being covered up. Without spoiling the show Marrs also talks briefly about the so - called "planet X" Global warming, and suppressed archeological knowledge.

At times throughout the interview it does feel like Marrs is throwing every scrap on information he can think of at the listener, assuming they are all correct and connected.  This is a dangerous play. All but the most gullable listener will want more than a statement of fact before accepting everything as true, and if the listener doesn't believe the facts how can they accept the alleged connections? This was where Binnall could have made things uncomfortable for Marrs, but Binnall doesn't go down the confrontational route - it's not his style. So Marrs gets away with his presentation of theory as fact.

Marrs at times does sound like he is two very separate people trying to speak with the same voice, and that's not meant as unkind. On the one hand we have a committed conspiracy theorist, on the other a very patriotic American. Balancing these views must be difficult. Jim Marrs done this fantastically well with "Crossfire," his book about the Kennedy assassination. With this interview he does less well. He discusses America being founded on freedom,  and in almost the same breath talks about America being enslaved by the elite from Day one. Marrs sometimes sounds uncomfortable, and I wonder how much his publisher is to blame. Was the conversation "Jim we need a book about Ancient Aliens, everyone's doing it" or similar?

Whether Binnall picks up on this or not the conversation soon switches to far more familiar territory for Marrs. This is the point where this Marrs, like a firework rocket, explodes into brilliance. The New World Order, international banking and the internet are all discussed. and discussed well. There are more than a few moments where the listener will be left stunned by some paradigm changing revelation or another. There are a few people with an interest in the paranormal who adhere to one subject, be it UFOs, ghosts or whatever. Marrs delivers a strong, clear message that the usual perception of reality is flawed, and needs closer inspection by everyone. In a matter of a few minutes Marrs switches from just another interviewee to a well informed, lateral thinking, mind.

If promoting the new book hadn't got in the way this would have been a wholly engrossing flow of thought from someone with a clear "wake up" message for the rest of mankind.

Binnall is one of the most prolific podcasters in the field. Guests of this standard will keep him at the top of his game.

A well deserved 8/10 rating