The Paracast
Sunday, 3:00 AM–6:00 AM Eastern Time on GCN Radio
(Midnight–3:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 AM–5:00 AM Central, and 07:00 UTC)

 The Paracast - billed as the "Gold standard of Paranormal Radio" by its hosts, has always been one of my favourite shows. I have listened to it since it began and witnessed its meteoric rise, now sadly I bear witness to a show gasping for breath and about to die.

Now back in the day the Paracast with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny was a phenomenon. Those shows, which are available in the show archive page HERE are fantastic. I would urge everyone to go ahead and download every single one.

The recent shows are not up to that standard, and frankly haven't been for a while. The show seems to have fallen out of favour with a number of "personalities" within the paranormal and it is easy to see why. Listening to the Paracast nowadays is painful. Advertising delivery and generating revenue seems to have taken over the show.

It is now almost impossible for guests to get their points across without interruption, there is no flow to to the show, and this makes it difficult to listen to. The reputation of the Paracast was dented somewhat by the very public falling out of Gene Steinberg and former co-host David Biedny. Christopher O'Brien took over Biednys role and does a superb job of co-hosting.

O'Brien - author of the superb "Stalking the Trickster" really would, in my opinion, benefit from making a few guest appearances on other shows. This is a man who I believe has a great deal to contribute, and I don't believe the Paracast is the place to do it. The fact that the show can still attract guests of the calibre of Greg Bishop (22nd July 2012) is due, in my opinion, to the credibility of O'Brien as a researcher.

So do I endorse this show?

No, not in its present format.


Out of The Blue
Executive producer James Fox
Narrated by James Coyote
Run Time approx 105 minutes.

 This is an in depth documentary which, in a rational and compelling way, presents evidence to support the idea that UFO's are real, and under intelligent control. This is achieved by combining top quality phtographs and footage with interviews with many credible witnesses and commentators including Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Governor Fife Symington, Russian General Leonid Aleviev, Cosmonaut Major General Pavel Popovich, Astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper & former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.

Make no mistake this DVD will convince the most sane of the skeptics amongst us that there is a phenomenon which is worthy of further study, and that a Government cover-up is in place in the USA and other countries.

During the course of 105 minutes James Fox, like a lawyer in a murder trial, leads the viewer on a journey through a series of logical steps to a conclusion which leaves no room for doubt and no grounds for a mis-trial.

On it's release in 2002 the film was considered to be "ground breaking" by the UFO community. There is no doubt this documentary was a real game changer. It may be 10 years old but if you haven't seen it then you really must make the effort to watch this.

With the benefit of hindsight over the course of the last 10 years then it is true that one or two of the witnesses interviewed have lost some credibility, the music may sound a little "dated" and some of the graphics used are not cutting edge - But - this documentary is as pertinent and relevant today as it was in 2002, and nothing short of contact or disclosure will prevent it from continuing to be so.

My advice is to buy the DVD and help support the producer, however the documentary can be watched on youtube HERE